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PMMan logging in to the web control GUI

The following is a screen by screen walkthrough of loggin in to the PMman web control GUI. Click any left side image for a larger screenshot in a new panel.


Getting started

We open a new web browser panel. Here, it happens to be the konqueror web browser under CentOS 5


Enter the URL

Then we enter the URL for the SSL protected web control GUI tool in the browser's address bar. Every web page at the site 'secure.pmman.com' is protected by a commercial SSL certificate vendor's product and should be supported by default in all modern browsers. That is, there is no need to accept any new or so-called 'self signed' root certificates. We indicate this with the PMman secure site icon blue ribbon under the red wax seal as our icon, and of course the browser's SSL connection 'lock' indication is present and indicates a secured connection at all times.


Logging in

After clicking the gateway button, the website checks if a credential cookie is present and is valid. If not, one is automatically taken to a log in screen. Complete the credentials in the usual fashion. Browser cookies for this site and back to this must be enabled for the interface to work.

Perhaps obviously, but as this password is a sensitive item, please do NOT let the web browser 'remember' it for you. It is too easy for another to regain that credential.


Main VM administration screen

And at this point, the main virtual machine administration screen is presented. There is a handy 'Logout' button here, as well as a link at the top of most other pages which revokes the authentication cookie.

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